Dr.JRK’s research & pharmaceuticals private limited., Chennai, India has been a pioneer for the past 30 years in bringing out innovative and research based products and treatment approaches to provide satisfactory solutions to various skin and hair problems. Success of the company rests in its scientific knowledge and clinical experience with the problems and integrating research in the development of drugs.

Our vision

Verdura Care caters to the global demand for specialty skin and hair care products with our unique range of solutions for the management of Psoriasis, Acne, Vitiligo, Dry Skin, Dandruff and Hair. We manufacture and market highly researched, efficacious specialty cosmetics that adhere to the highest standards of quality. The synergistic effect of the select herbs with the special ingredients in these formulations make them very effective in giving quick relief from the symptoms of the problems.

A brand designed to cater unmet needs

Doctors treating several skin or hair disorders and the patients who may resort to steroid-based treatments which when used long term may have undesirable side effects.The synergistic effect of the select herbs
in these formulations make them very effective in giving quick relief from the symptoms of the problems. Verdura offers a safe herbal alternative that also augment existing therapies. They are proven to be hypo allergenic and safe for long term use (Volunteer based studies were conducted)

Dermatologist trusted Skincare for 30+ Years

Backed by a market understanding spanning
more than 30 years, Verdura products have been widely patronized by several of dermatologists across continents and have contributed to the well-being of thousands of happy customers. Verdura range of products are a signature of science, surety, authenticity and a distinctive experience.

Explore Partnership Opportunities and Personal Shipments with Verdura Care

To know more or schedule a call, please write to us at support@verduracare.com We are always looking for commercial import partners to tap into the enormous potential that these segments have to offer. Individual shipments for personal use can be done to any country on request.


Be Sure. Be Distinctive.