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Verdura Mela gain cream

Blend of herbal ingredients – Effectively enhances pigmentation in vitiligo


A carefully formulated cream for vitiligo with herbal actives and sun protective agents i.e.,Wrightia tinctoria, Indigofera tinctoria, Eclipta alba, Psoralea corylifolia, Emblica officinalis 


Along with calamine, bentonite and zinc oxide that offer dual benefits of restoration of pigmentation and sun protection.

cream for vitiligo
cream for vitiligo
cream for vitiligo


  • Increases melanin synthesis and tyrosinase activity.
  • Increases pigmentation (melanin production) to enhance even skin tone
  • Protects skin from sun damage
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for long term use

Psoralea corylifolia

Psoralens present in Psoralea corylifolia accelerates the photo oxidation of DOPA and promotes quick pigmentation in vitiligo.

Wrightia tinctoria

Augments healing properties of skin.

Indigofera tinctoria

Contains rich source of pigment indigo and is a natural coloring agent.

Eclipta alba

Possess tanning compounds and ascorbic acid which aid natural tanning of skin.

Emblica officinalis

Potent anti-oxidant and provides protection against oxidative stress.

 Calamine, Bentonite and Zinc oxide

Increases adhesion of the cream on to the skin. Ensures complete and sustained release of herbal actives and offer sun protection.


Liquid paraffin, Cetosteryl alcohol, Micro Crystalline Wax, Glycerin, Petroleum jelly, Silicon oil,Stearic acid, Calamine, Bentonite, Allantoin, Ethylene glycol distearate, Polysorbate-60 (Span 60),PEG-4 (PEG 200), Triethanolamine, Zinc oxide, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Titanium oxide,Wrightia tinctoria, Indigofera tinctoria, Eclipta alba, Psoralea corylifolia, Emblica officinalis,Demineralised  water, Perfume


  • Apply Verdura melagain cream on affected areas thrice /twice a day
  • To have faster repigmentation Verdura mela pro cream can be used as pretreatment product.


For what conditions will Verdura melagain cream be useful?

Verdura melagain cream can be helpful for restoration of skin color in vitiligo and hypo-pigmentary problems.

How does Verdura mela gain cream work?

Verdura melagain cream minimizes and masquerades uneven skin discoloration. It augments intracellular tyrosinase production and its activity and thereby increases melanin synthesis which results in even skin color.

Is it safe for long term use?

Yes, it is safe for long-term use and safety is proven scientifically and clinically by skin irritation and skin sensitization tests.