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Dry skin kit

Advanced care for dry skin

Verdura intense moisturizing lotion for dry skin & Verdura skin fresh bathing bar 

  • Gently exfoliates dead skin cells

  • Deeply moisturizes

  • Heals skin damages

  • Rejuvenates and plumps up skin

  • Gives nourished and wrinkle free skin

  • Hypo allergenic

dry skin kit
lotion for dry skin
dry skin kit

Verdura skin fresh bathing bar

Unique blend of Vitamin E rich oils and humectants. Exfoliates dry scales gently. Provides nourishment and moisturization to skin. A must in many dry skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, fungal infections.

Verdura intense moisturizing lotion

An advanced deep acting moisturizing lotion. Builds up collagen and plumps up skin. Maintains hydro-lipo balance. Calms down itching and soothes skin. Penetrates deep into the skin makes skin look young radiant and wrinkle free.


  • Bathe with Verdura skin fresh bathing bar
  • Apply Verdura intense moisturizing lotion all over the body