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Vitiligo kit

Facilitates faster repigmentation

Verdura mela pro cream & Verdura mela gain cream 

  • Restores pigmentation

  • Protects skin from sun damage

  • Hypoallergenic

Best vitiligo treatment cream
Best vitiligo treatment cream
Best vitiligo treatment cream

verdura mela pro cream

Topical natural psoralen – Triggers pigmentation enhances UV absorption in skin to trigger re-pigmentation. Kindles genetic memory of skin to produce melanin

Verdura melagain cream

Increases pigmentation and offers sun protection . Increases melanin synthesis and tyrosinase activity. Increases pigmentation to get even skin tone. Protects skin from sun damage.


  • Apply Verdura mela pro cream on affected areas as pre-treatment product in the morning. Expose to sun light for 5 minutes or use UV light/ PUVA therapy under medical supervision. Wash the skin and pat dry. Caution: If any skin damage is observed ,stop using and consult physician. It can be used concurrently with other active treatments for vitiligo and psoriasis. Continue regular use of verdura mela pro cream to enhance quick re-pigmentation
  • Apply verdura mela gain cream on affected areas twice a day